Placing Orders

(Streamline Process)

Agreement by a purchaser to accept standardized hardware or software helps ensure that they receive the benefits of better pricing for technology and supplies and less administrative overhead. Benefits to the purchaser include competitive pricing, timely processing of requests, higher levels of support, less costly maintenance, and an improved ability to get assistance with technologies purchased. Important is to purchase quality in the first place – buy OmaticsGPS products with confidence!

Placing orders by email

Our sales team is ready to respond if you send email to:

Placing orders by phone

Placing orders is only a quick phone call away. Your order will be promptly handled by a member of OmaticsGPS highly trained and experienced Sales Team.

  • Call USA: +1-916-934-0205
  • Call UK: +44-20-8667-1244
  • Call India: +91-265-2357408/09
  • Other countries click here

Placing orders steps:

Please include the following information when placing orders so we can process your order quickly:

  • Select suitable GPS tracking devices
  • Contact OmaticsGPS sales team for pricing
  • Place purchase order by confirming number of devices required.
  • Invoice address and delivery address, if different.
  • Provide name, phone and email of the contact person.