GPS Tracking Application

GPS Tracking Application

High Quality GPS Tracking Application
(Designed for efficient fleet management)

OmaticsGPS tracking Application enables users to locate vehicles, view vehicle / driver attributes and dispatch jobs based on the position as shown on the map. In todays fast-paced lifestyle we understand you want something that is useful, simple and functional, yet private and secure.

The system incorporates comprehensive reporting to show driver hours, replay routes, show distance traveled, idle times, exception reporting and many more features.


GPS tracking application enables users with mobile or fixed equipment to visually locate their assets and utilize this information to determine the best allocations of assets, verify its operational status and monitor internal & external alarm inputs e.g. door open/close, temperature and more…


Enables users with mobile personal to visually locate them on a map. The system can be configured to alert the office of an emergency situation or periodically check in.


Enables users to verify the time and duration of services provided, generate reports to certify attendance, complete work compliance and more…

GPS Tracking Application

OmaticsGPS Fleet & Mobile Resource Solution
(Intelligent GPS Tracking Application)

  • Real Time Location Reporting
  • Locate at a glance where every vehicle in your fleet is, right now! The map provides the dispatcher with the current location, status, speed, and heading for each vehicle. Unlike other GPS systems that only update once every 5 to 15 minutes, the OmaticsGPS tracking application typically updates every 2 minutes, or as often as every 10 seconds. With the Omatics Fleet Management System, you are always in control of your fleet.

  • Mapping Technology
  • We incorporates one of the world’s fastest and up to date mapping technologies available. This allows us to provide accurate and complete maps for the entire world. A universal mapping solution enables our GPS tracking application to deploy anywhere in the world.

  • Map Routing with Shortest & Quickest Path
  • We have built-in routing capabilities, allowing you to direct your mobile workforce to use the most efficient and cost effective routes. Routing also enables you to route lost drivers from their current position to customer locations.

  • Replay Vehicle Location History
  • Our GPS tracking application allows you to manage your customer locations and have them displayed on the map and with reports. As part of the overall custom solution to address your unique business requirements, you can import your entire customer location database in a few easy steps. This service will provide you with a global view of your customers and the relative location of your fleet in real time.

  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • With OmaticsGPS reporting, you have the tools necessary to cut operating costs, increase employee productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Detailed analysis of your mobile assets and their respective productivity provides valuable insight for any business owner.

  • Alerts & Notification
  • Be notified even when you don’t have access to your system via email or text message immediately when unauthorized vehicle activities occur, such as:

    • Speeding
    • Excessive Idling
    • Unauthorized vehicle usage
    • Geofence violation
    • Side Work
    • Custom Events
  • Fleet Status Monitoring
  • Monitor the status of your entire fleet within a single screen. This provides fleet management a quick and easy tool to ensure productivity and adherence to customer appointment/delivery schedules.