Container Shipping

Container Shipping

GPS Container Shipping Tracking Prevents Theft and Reduces Cost
(Increases Productivity)

OmaticsGPS vehicle tracker could be extremely beneficial to your business if your company regularly deals with valuable cargo. These small devices allow container shipping companies to manage, control, and track containers anywhere en route. These devices also provide a wealth of information that companies can use to improve service and decrease operating and maintenance costs.

Our fleet tracking GPS technology brings an extra layer of security to each container shipping cargo and ensures that the goods will arrive securely and completely intact. This is only one of the many reasons that GPS tracking is quickly becoming an integral part of the logistics industry.

Container Shipping and tracking also allows companies to identify and resolve unforeseen issues with unprecedented ease. Throughout the entire shipping process, you can monitor the cargo, leading to increased efficiency and peace of mind for both the company and the customer.

Container Shipping

Advantages of tracking container shipping

  • Shippers can provide their clients with accurate information about where their shipment is, anywhere in the world.
  • Governments can insure that cargo is properly taxed and inspected before entering the country.
  • Companies can monitor the opening and closing of container doors, temperatures, and the condition of the cargo during transport.
  • OmaticsGPS solutions offer extra security measures for sensitive cargo including organs, blood, tissue, medication, and medical equipment.
  • Companies can provide real-time shipping information for their customers and offer unmatched customer service with complete fleet awareness.
  • Our GPS devices are capable of monitoring latitude, longitude, speed, and altitude of asset.
  • By programming the cargo’s intended path into the GPS software, you can receive an automatic alert if your cargo veers from its set course, preventing theft and loss.

Did you know?

The GPS tracking system is quickly becoming a staple of global fleet management, and while this technology more immediately comes to mind when considering rentals and taxi or courier services, this groundbreaking technology can also be helpful to the shipping industry and fisherman. Let’s take a look at the many benefits your company can enjoy with OmaticsGPS tracking system for large ships or even small boats.

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