Operator Driver

Operator Driver

Operator Driver
(Adaptive Cooperation – Improve Road Safety)

Driver attendance

GPS fleet management helps you keep track of your vehicles, but to keep track of the drivers in charge of them, we offer RFID and iButton readers and tags, that keep record of which drivers are operating which vehicles as well as keeping track of their phone number, license plate number, and other pieces of helpful identification information.

Instant Record

Everything you need to know about your Operator Driver is in one place, letting you make informed and on-the-spot decisions to get more from your fleet.

Operator Dashboard

The Operator Driver Dashboard has been specifically designed to give you as much information as possible on one screen so that you can macro manage your staff.

Look at your Operator-Driver photo, mobile number, driving license, blood group and lot more remotely.

Alerts and Notifications

Our Operator-Driver Management system pushes alerts when the vehicle is over speeding, enter or exit geofence, used out of working hours, remain idle, ignition on/off and stopped. Notification is generated when operator-driver license is due for renewal…

5 Ways to increase your profits

  • Know if drivers are taking the most direct routes to jobs – to save on fuel costs
  • Know the exact time that vehicles are parked at jobs – for costing purposes
  • Know when staff are leaving home and arriving home – for checking time sheets
  • Know where vehicles are parked evenings and weekends – to detect “foreigners”
  • Know when vehicles are being used for private use and to what extent

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