Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking for transporters
(Businesses of any size)

OmaticsGPS Asset Tracking systems allows your business to improve asset security and to monitor and manage valuable assets, wherever they are in the world. Our slimline asset tracking devices are fitted securely to your assets, such as transport trucks and plant equipment, and allow you to easily monitor any movements or unauthorized use through our asset tracking software.

Asset Tracking

Logistics operations of any size

Our Asset Tracking system provides you with a low cost but effective means in which to track your mobile assets giving you increased business confidence and peace of mind. Businesses of any size and in any industry benefit from being able to view their exact vehicle positioning, be it for a single vehicle or a business with a fleet of hundreds.

Live monitoring of vehicles and drivers

With our GPS tracking software, you can monitor your fleet at any time from any smart device or computer. Different settings allow for alerts when drivers are speeding, leaving the area, or otherwise being inefficient.

Main Benefits:

  • Know exactly where your assets are in realtime
  • Full location history reports
  • Receive alerts such as exit geofence, speeding, movement, etc..
  • Monitor engine hours and odometer

Asset Tracking

Affordable Systems

OmaticsGPS understands that people and companies have individual needs, which is why we don’t have a “one size fits all” GPS asset tracking system. We tailor each and every product to suit your needs.

OmaticsGPS will add and remove tracking features to give you exactly what you need for the most affordable price and we have a wide variety of GPS trackers to suit your requirements.

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