Free Vehicle Tracking

Free Vehicle Tracking
(Personal use up to 5 vehicles)

OmaticsGPS is proud to offer FREE VEHICLE TRACKING access to our simple to use, revolutionary web tracking application anywhere in the world.

For anyone who wants to track their vehicles for personal use, don’t want to pay a monthly fee, this gives the opportunity to use our high quality tracking platform for free.

No Recurring Fees

We understand the need of the individual who know the importance and benefits of keeping track of their vehicles but are reluctant to pay recurring fees, except for one time hardware cost. There is no monthly recurring fees for using our software.

This no cost, free vehicle tracking platform from OmaticsGPS provides users with tracking up to five (5) vehicles on one account.

Free Vehicle Tracking

How it works is simple:

  • Go through our products page to select GPS tracker best suits your requirements.
  • Purchase model by placing order with one of our regional sales center.
  • Get your own data SIM card or let us give you option to supply one from our mobile operator.
  • You get username and password to access our cloud software application.
  • Install tracker in your vehicle by following our easy to follow instructions.
  • Provide GPS tracker model and serial number to our activation team.
  • Begin using our free vehicle tracking platform right away for up to 5 vehicles
  • Contact support for any technical help free for 12 months.

There is no catch in this free offer

We simply want to see as many vehicles users take advantage of our innovative web application for our high quality GPS tracking devices. There is no catch to this free offer, no limited time frame, no restrictions on usage to the service being free, for personal use.

Like to resell our product?

If you like our system and want to resell our hardware and software then read our partners-in-business page. You will be also be able to brand label our application with your logo and name free of charge.

Contact us for more information on our powerful tracking system or view other OmaticsGPS products