Industries Served for GPS Tracking
(Full Coverage in United States and anywhere everywhere!)

Industries Managing operators effectively and being able to monitor how long it takes to complete their tasks allows you to better allocate resources throughout the day, resolve any issues and run your operation efficiently. Our GPS trackers can provide asset security; improved profitability and more importantly give business owners peace of mind.

Small firms to large industries have benefited enormously from better routing capabilities, the ability to efficiently utilize assets and strengthened customer relationships using OmaticsGPS tracking software.

  • Asset Tracking

  • Car Service

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Rentals and Taxi

  • Courier

  • Container Shipping

  • School Bus

  • Emergency Services

  • Cold Refrigeration

  • Waste Management

  • Insurance

  • Safari Tracking

  • Dairy and Veterinary

  • Tow Truck

  • Hot Air Balloon


Whether it’s a individual vehicle, a medium size fleet or heavy construction equipment, we’re here to provide quality products and services for customer benefit..