Car Service

Car Service

Reliable car service tracking system
(Maximize the productivity)

OmaticsGPS provides the ground travel industry with the premier fleet management and GPS tracking for car service companies.

See at a glance where every vehicle in your fleet is, right now! The map provides the current location, status, speed, and heading for each vehicle. OmaticsGPS is configurable to fit both practical and budgetary needs. Our GPS Fleet Management System typically updates every 2 minutes, and as often as every 15 seconds. With the OmaticsGPS Car service fleet management system, the power is yours!

It has long been an established and proven fact that GPS Tracking and the critical information gathered can be used to:

  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve security
  • Reduce fleet size
  • Enhance planning
  • Mitigate unauthorized activitiy
  • Increase utilization
  • Comply with regulation

Car Service

Precision solution

It is well recognized that it is crucial in the car service business to always know the status and whereabouts of the passenger and freight you are carrying. By monitoring each of your vehicles using GPS tracking, operational staff can locate assets, allocate tasks, improve efficiency and provide improved customer service.

OmaticsGPS solution provide up to date information on time & distances traveled, routes taken, manage driver fatigue, provide engine management data and schedule maintenance and serving of assets.

Unfortunately there are still too many companies who are currently not monitoring their workforce and assets effectively, resulting in poor utilization, safety/security issues, breaches in regulations and unauthorized use of vehicles.

Business Reports

With OmaticsGPS business reporting you have the tools necessary to cut operating costs, increase employee productivity, validate overtime requests, confirm time sheets and improve customer satisfaction. Detailed analysis of your field activities provides valuable insight for any business owner.

Dispatch and Routing Map

OmaticsGPS has built-in Dispatch and Routing capabilities, allowing you to direct your mobile workforce to the most efficient and cost effective routes. You can also route lost drivers from their current position to new customer locations.

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