Geofence Asset Tracking

Geofence Asset Tracking

Geofence Asset Tracking
(Virtual Boundary & Security)

Proximity Circle on the Map

Through OmaticsGPS Geofence asset tracking application you can now put your finger on your entire fleet. Get alert when application detects your fleet inside or outside of the proximity circle.

Stop Off-Road Travel

Our system automatically and accurately tracks and records your vehicle’s location and determines off-road travel using sophisticated geofence asset tracking tool.

Geofence Asset Tracking Benefits:

  • Improved customer service and response time
  • More accurate employee remuneration
  • Decreased running and operating costs
  • Enhanced security for staff, products and fleet
  • Route optimization

Secured Sending

You can now be assured that your critical and expensive cargo travels on the designated route. Make efficient use of your entire fleet by stopping unwanted deviations.

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Geofence Features:

Circular Drawing

Rectangle Drawing

Route Drawing

One Way Trip Count

Return Trip Count

Enter/Exit Alert