Accident Records

Accident Records
(Keep your eyes on the road)

To-Do-List after a Car Accident

If you have even been involved in a car accident then keeping good Accident Records is important for potential claims arising from injuries and damage to the vehicle. Using OmaticsGPS online Accident Records Management you can keep full record of the accident event.

Notify Insurance

By following a few simple steps after a vehicle accident, you can prevent additional injuries, reduce costs and expedite vehicle repairs and your insurance claim. But it is important to keep the Accident Records for each vehicle.

Download our simple accident records form to keep inside each vehicle so that in case of an accident the operator can fill out the information at site and provide copy to the employer so that insurance company can be notified promptly.

Accident Records

Some of the important accident records available under OmaticsGPS Online system are;

  • Vehicle details
  • Driver details
  • Accident details
  • Insurance details
  • Repair details
  • Accident photograph upload and more…

Contact us for more information on our powerful accident record management system or view other OmaticsGPS products.

After Accident:

Pull Over

Check for injuries

Call the police

Exchange Insurance

Take photos

Talk to witnesses

Obtain police record

Fill Accident form

Report the claim