Rentals and Taxi

Rentals and Taxi

Our solutions for rentals and taxi companies
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Due to recent advancements in GPS tracking technology, rentals and taxi companies can worry a little less about their cars being misused. Our tracking system is being adapted by more and more companies across the globe to monitor the use of their vehicles.

OmaticsGPS has built-in Dispatch and Routing capabilities, therefore allow to direct your mobile workforce to the most efficient and cost effective routes. You can also route lost drivers from their current position to new customer locations.

If a customer ever complains that their driver is taking “the long way”, you can easily check route histories with the OmaticsGPS Replay tracking system. You can use this feature to optimize routes and increase efficiency.

Rentals and Taxi

Rental Tracking

Rental car companies put a considerable amount of trust in their clients, especially when the client is about to leave in an expensive, exotic car. How the customer treats the car is often a mystery until it arrives back at the rental company. While most drivers are perfectly capable and responsible behind the wheel, the few that aren’t make all the difference.

Luckily, there is a solution. OmaticsGPS car tracker is a small, easy to install device that allows you to monitor your fleet’s current and previous locations. The ability to track your vehicles can prevent theft, speeding, bad driving habits, and even trespassing and engine abuse by alerting you to the misuse as it occurs.

Abuse of this nature can increase the risk of damage, loss, and inflated maintenance costs. With our tracking system, you can incentivize and monitor safe driving by offering a discount to responsible drivers. The owners of these companies aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit from GPS technology. Customers can also enjoy the full benefit of GPS tracking.

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Taxi Tracking

OmaticsGPS Vehicle Tracker can do more than help you keep track of your fleet. When a passenger hails one of your taxis with a phone call or an app, they’re not just calling for a cab, they’re calling for the closest available cab. Not only is this more efficient, but it means quicker arrivals and a better customer experience.

Reaching destinations will be easier than ever with clear maps, detailed directions, and an easy-to-use interface. GPS navigation also reduces the risk of car accidents and improves the safety of drivers and passengers.

If the rentals and taxi cars breaks down in an unfamiliar area, it will be easy for roadside assistance to find the vehicle with the help of our GPS tracking. The exact position of the vehicle is displayed to help service vehicles reach the vehicle as quickly as possible.

Rentals and Taxi

  • Wonder how to reduce no-load rates?
  • Want to keep an eye on your drivers’ behavior?
  • Interested in the safety of passengers and drivers?
  • Rentals and Taxi taking “the long way” to their destinations?
  • Curious about advertising on your fleet’s vehicles?
  • Want to manage dispatch and Routing efficiently?

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