School Bus

School Bus

Reliable GPS tracking system for School Bus
(School security is parents satisfaction)

OmaticsGPS trackers are perfect for school bus tracking, and it won’t disappoint; schools, parents and fleet owners. The software can store, manage, track, and monitor information on students, drivers, vehicles, and more. You can monitor fuel consumption, driving histories, and bus locations. Our software will even remind you when your fleet is due for maintenance.

Our GPS tracking application gives parents piece of mind and School Bus Operators the knowledge to run their business more effectively while providing extract services to their customers at a lower cost.

Are you worrying about below problems on your fleet’s school buses?

School Bus
  • Students always missing the school bus?
  • Parents worried that their kids aren’t getting on the bus?
  • Drivers leaving the bus’s running needlessly?
  • Do your drivers have unsafe habits?
  • Do they have issues managing the bus?

Student identification

We offer unique identification tags for students. These tags are read by an reader on the bus when they get on, and a notification can be sent to parents, assuring them that their child is safely on-board. If the tag is not read, an alert will be sent as well, and all notifications can be sent via SMS or email.

5-minute warning or enter boundary

Our system can notify parents five minutes before the bus arrives or enters the previous bus stop to ensure their children never miss their ride again.

Alerts can also be configured based on excessive speeding, area violations or aggressive driving behavior. These actions are tracked making the information available immediately or archived for retrieval at a later date.

Automatic engine shutdown

The engine will automatically shut down when its normal hours of operation are over, preventing waste and misuse of the vehicle and its fuel.

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