Insurance Company

GPS Tracking for Auto Insurance Company
(Security and consumer benefits)

OmaticsGPS Super-Sensitive Intelligent Cloud based Fleet location technology provides everything insurance company need from a GPS real time tracking system. Let’s you know the whereabouts of all leased and financed or insured vehicles in your portfolio on the map – virtually anywhere….any time!

Comprehensive Asset management allows record keeping of the vehicle make, model, year, VIN number, registration, insurance dates, including image of the vehicle.

Furthermore, manage accident records by keeping online record including drivers involved, injuries, location and police reporting, repair cost, insurance details, road and weather condition and more. Therefore, by equipping all vehicles with GPS tracking devices, the insurance company have peach of mind and the customer pay reduced insurance premiums

Insurance Company

Using OmaticsGPS alerts, you can be notified if the insured vehicle is moved from its authorized location or used off hours for unauthorized activity.

Solution for Auto Finance and Insurance Company:

  • Activate device before vehicle is released
  • Set geofence and receive alerts if vehicle goes out of the defined area
  • Track and display the current location of any vehicle
  • Activate & Deactivate vehicle to assist in collections & recovery
  • Set payment notifications and warning buzzer for late payment
  • Maintenance and renewal notification Alerts
  • Manage asset and accident record

Cost and benefits to the Insurance Company

Cost of GPS system is built-in at the time of approving vehicle financing and cost of the use is rolled into the loan and customer pays for the technology. Customers who have marginal credit would now be able to get a vehicle credit because of the less risk to the lender. This results in selling more vehicles, thus a huge increase in revenue.

In addition blocking the ignition allows the vehicle to be recovered at a much lower cost than using traditional methods of searching for a vehicle over an entire city, state or nationwide. It is as simple as locating the vehicle, blocking the ignition and driving right to it.

Hence this provides insurance company a quick and easy tool to ensure customer adherence to terms and conditions of vehicle leased, rented or insured.

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