Trust the installation
(More efficiency means more savings)

How important is GPS installation? Think of it this way – if a technician doesn’t install the GPS tracking device correctly, it won’t work. And a non-working GPS system is worthless. That’s why we encourage all of our customers to get the peace of mind with OmaticsGPS Installation Services.

OmaticsGPS products are always installed by professional and certified engineers. We strive to minimize ‘down time’ and the overall installation process normally takes approximately one hour per vehicle.

OmaticsGPS trackers are securely installed without any damage to the interior. Our team works with your staff to determine the optimal location for the installation of each tracker and the wiring.

  • High Quality GPS Trackers
  • Professional installation
  • Quick implementation
  • Technical support
  • Instant activation
  • View your assets online

Installation Network

OmaticsGPS has a network of engineers and installation shops that operates a nation-wide service. Our technical engineers can coordinate the installation with your vehicle maintenance shop or appointments are scheduled in one of our partner facilities in most major cities.

Contact us for more information on our GPS tracking devices or view other OmaticsGPS products and services.