Comprehensive Fleet Reports

Comprehensive Fleet Reports

Comprehensive Fleet Reports
(GPS Tracking & Fleet Management Software)

What gets measured, gets managed

Our online GPS Fleet Management System includes comprehensive fleet reports, easy-to-use, and a powerful report generation engine. Together they deliver accurate information about the activity of your vehicle fleet so you can measure and manage its performance with ease. Instantly view your moving, stopped, idling or more than one day old fleet.

Customizable Parameters

With a range of user-customizable parameters, you can easily produce actionable information that’s relevant and important to you. You can generate reports based on a particular time period, a specific vehicle, group of vehicles, or the entire fleet. It’s a straightforward process to analyze almost every aspect, including the time spent by vehicles at site locations or in geofenced areas.

Graphical Reports

Our graphical reports are displayed in an intuitive and clear ‘dashboard’ fashion using graphs and charts. Reports can be exported in a variety of formats for further analysis, run automatically on a scheduled basis, and emailed to those needing the information.

Comprehensive Fleet Reports

Small Selection of the Reports available:

  • Detailed and summary information about trips, distance travelled, places visited
  • Measures of idling time, speeding or harsh and aggressive driving
  • Details of driver attendance hours, rest breaks, hours behind the wheel
  • And many more reports…

Comprehensive Fleet Reports

OmaticsGPS Technical Service team is always available to develop custom reports, or to integrate data from other sources with the GPS tracking software so you get the information you need to make smarter decisions. Contact us for more information on our powerful reporting system or view other OmaticsGPS products

Contact us for our powerful report management system and samples or view other OmaticsGPS products.