Replay GPS Track

Replay GPS Track
(Efficient Journeys)

Journey Replay

Using OmaticsGPS ‘Replay GPS Track’ functionality you can view a vehicle’s journey history for any given time and date, providing you with a comprehensive insight into all aspects of the trip.

Businesses of any size and in any industry benefit from being able to view their exact vehicle positioning, be it for a single vehicle or a business with a fleet of hundreds.

Visual time-lapsed Replays

As vehicle status, location and speed are recorded, ‘Replay GPS Track’ enables more efficient route planning for future journeys and provides detailed records of the trip should the need to evaluate the vehicle’s history arise.

You can rest assured that your data is at the ready when you need it, which is invaluable in cases where information may have been challenged.

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Compare what you get:

It is very important that you compare what you get from other systems but OmaticsGPS ‘Replay GPS Track’ comes with the below features to name the few:

  • Accurate Replay Track
  • Direction Arrows with numbering and location address
  • Start and End flags
  • Number of Stoppages made
  • Overspeed flags
  • Door Open flags

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